Until the end of the course the Master student should have attended to two compulsory and two optional modules. The module of Theories, Methods and Speeches of the History is compulsory for Master students from each of the two research lines. Another compulsory module must be attended but it is related to the research line that the student had chosen. Other two optional modules can be chosen in the range of subjects offered by each line of Research or another Program of Postgraduate education in a Master degree level, with indication and agreement of the tutor.

General Compulsory Module (60h), 4 credits;

– Theories, Methods and Speeches of the History

Compulsory Module for Line 1 Students(60h), 4 credits:

– History and Region

Optional Modules for Line 1 Students (30h), 2 credits each:

– City, memory and territory;

– History and image;

– History and literature;

– Reading and interpretation on the Brazilian Countryside;

– Memory, narrative and oral histories.

Compulsory Module for Line 2 Students (60h), 4 credits:

– History and Afro-Brazilian Historiography

Optional Modules for Line 2 Students (30h), 2 credits each:

– The African diaspora and the origin of the Afro-Brazilian population;

– Slavery and freedom: comparative studies about post-abolition period in the state of Bahia;

– Cultural studies of the Brazilian black populations: traditions, identity and diversity;

– History of the patriarchal culture and gender;

– History, memory, identity and tradition: the criticism of the inherited thought and contemporary approaches on the black experiences in Africa and diaspora

– Daily life and slavery memories.


– Teaching apprenticeship or Supervised Traineeship: that has for objective exercise the teaching in higher education, at undergraduate course, and the articulation of the postgraduate education to the graduation, aiming to socialize the knowledge produced by the students;

– Advising of Dissertation (I, II, III and I SAW);

– Preparation of Dissertation;

– Academic activities.